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In-Home Care Management & Long-Term Planning Services

Visiting Counselors of New York, LCSW, PLLC (VCNY) provides quality and caring in-home care management services. VCNY pairs you with one of our dedicated professionals who can assist you with a variety of items.

Below is a list of some of the services we offer our clients:

  • Review entitlement eligibility and assist clients in obtaining all appropriate entitlements

  • Assist in the completion of Medicaid and SNAP recertification.

  • Provide assistance in determining options for long-term plans.

  • Assist in locating and applying for senior housing.

  • Act as a liaison and advocate between our clients and: courts, family, doctors, insurance companies, Social Security, hospitals, and other systems that support and affect the welfare of our client.

  • Maintain contact with any identified significant individuals.

  • Act as advocate for our clients who have had their home health aide hours reduced or have failed to obtain an increase in needed hours of assistance.

  • Perform environmental safety assessments and provide safety recommendations.

  • Provide family and caregiver support.

To qualify for services you must be 18 and older AND Medicare or Railroad Medicare must be your primary insurance.

Request for enrollment into our care management services can be made by calling VCNY at (516) 698-5511 or by completing our online Request for Appointment formVCNY accepts the full Medicare reimbursable rate. 

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